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Where Customers Come First......

What we provide.......

  • You will have the same cleaner every day except for holidays and sickness, but we do try  keeping the same cover cleaner on site so we know standards will  be where they should be until the cleaners returns back to work, 
  • Additional services, washing tea towels, filling emptying dishwashers, internal window cleaning, full clean down of equipment, etc
  •  All our Cleaners are fully uniformed, fully trained and CRB checked
  •  Full professional equipment – we are supplied with all necessary cleaning tools and highly advanced technique to give you superior results.
  • day to day cleans, big or small areas, 
  • We provide public liability insurance.
  • We can provide a back up service for holidays etc if last minute 
  • Full Customer Support from High standard cleaning services.
  • Various payment methods – choose the most convenient payment method for you
  • First-class customer care – our friendly and polite advisers are at hand 24/7 to give you support and assistance – they can give you any additional information about how we work and the services we offer, offer you a free quote or confirm your booking
  • Flexible working hours – our services are created to provide you with the convenience you deserve and that is why they are carried out at the most convenient time to you. You can make an appointment at any time of the day or night (evening and weekend appointments included
  • Provided excellent  cleaning methods for all cleaning needs, 
  • Our Friendly Cleaners serve all north east south & west Yorkshire area and do  satisfy all needs of clients from barrister, solicitors, prestige offices, retail,  
  •  You can talk with one of our friendly phone operators you can call on 01422 754250    We're available to answer your questions and to provide you with a free quote – our lines are open 24/7 For maximum convenience, you can also book an appointment online, go to contact us page and leave your details 

If you're a busy man/woman or you just don't want to deal with the cleaning side of things, call us that is  what we do?  we take pride in what we love., 

We also provide a key holder service and this comes with a signed agreement for all our operatives. this is a safety policy so we know whats what,  

We take  pride in our cleaners and train them to the highest standards 

  • What You Can Expect From Your Introduced Cleaner Reliability Courtesy, integrity and honesty at all time A personal cleaning service tailored to your needs at 100%
  • Cleaners will work under your direction or from our client instruction form (see below). You specify the work you want done in the allocated time.
  • Appropriate communication if she is unable to attend for whatever reason
  • Cleaner will use our materials and equipment. This ensures that only the right products are used in correct areas 
  • The day and time of the your clean will be agreed when suitable for you and your work colleagues,  
  • Standard of clean to your liking if not much better, 
  • fully trained on stripping and sealing floors, all floors included, 
  • We have professionals to maintain your grounds to keep them looking good in all seasons, we do trimming, cutting grass, picking litter, weeding, edges, planting, painting, fixing lights, building fences, 
  • fully trained on  gutter cleaning & window cleaning, 
  • fully trained in  deep cleans from top to bottom, 


Office cleans,   New build cleans,   Industrial clean,   End of tenancy  cleans,  School cleans,  Nursery cleans, Garden cleans,  Stripe and  seals,  Domestic cleans. Medical cleans.  Private landlord cleans. Carpet cleans,  maintain grounds, Deep cleans,   factory cleans 

And so much more 

express cleaning services

Contact us to see what we can do for you!​

Contact Us

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